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website design in The Woodlands

Website that interact with your audience.

Make the web come alive. Don't settle for static images on a blank canvas. Our interaction and animation tools allow for complex and rich visual movement—engaging your audience and promoting communication.
Design Process

Discovery & Strategy

Each and every web development project begins with the discovery and strategy phase. Our sales team, professional design staff, technical supervisors, web developers and management group meet to discuss every project – and devise a plan based upon your business’s unique goals.

We compile all the information gathered during our consultations with your management team and stakeholders to construct long-term goals that are in line with your business’s long-term plans.

The result of this phase is a detailed report of your overall digital strategy implementation which is overlaid with a concurrent strategy execution timeline.

Discovery and Strategy Web Design The Woodlands

Information Architecture

Consider this phase to be the blueprint phase your project. Once the goals of your venture are identified and detailed, our process moves along to the (IA) Information Architecture and (UX) User Experience draft.

It is here that your website layout is constructed and the sales funnel is mapped out. Our IA & UX team devises a plan to optimize your website’s functionality, features and user path flows to optimize conversions and repeat visits.

Information Architecture Web Design The Woodlands

Creative Design

In the Creative Design phase, our website design staff reviews the strategy and wireframes provided by the IA and UX team. Our Team then begins developing your color palette and accompanying typography (font profiles) that match your brand and engage your target audience. Here you will work alongside our web design team and will be able to provide your input (while referencing our suggestions) on color and font selection.

Once all design elements have been selected, our team will provide you with a digital storyboard. You’ll have the opportunity to digest the look and feel of your new site to ensure that it meets your preferences and brand standards before the coding and development process begins.

Creative Design Web Design The Woodlands

Coding & Development

Our Website Coding & Development team will begin developing your site in a fully responsive format. The responsive format is most preferred by major search engines and effortlessly conforms to various sized screens and devices.

All of our sites are hand-coded in HTML5 – according to best practices. Our (CMS) Content Management Systems are custom designed to create a seamless transition between your front and back ends; and all changes made are done in real time.

You will have access to a web-based platform that is intuitive and very easy to use. Our in-browser-editing software gives you a platform to modify the content on your site as if you are viewing the site in its existing format online. Isn’t technology cool?

Coding and Development Illustration

(QA)Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance team reads every line of text, ensures proper image tagging and compression, optimizes page speed, and tests formatting configuration on all types of different sized devices. This process is demanding but essential to ensuring that the viewer’s experience is appropriate to the capabilities of a browser or device.

We test our work in current versions of major desktop browsers, including those made by Apple (Safari), Google (Chrome), Microsoft (Edge), Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Each and every element of your design will be cross checked across all major and minor breakpoints.

(QA) Qality Assurance Illustration

Launch & Optimization

Post QA phase, our lead developer takes one more look at the Quality Assurance report and uploads your source files to a test site. You will have the chance to look through every page of your site as if it were live on your domain.

During the early stages of launch, our team will monitor how users interact and behave while on your site. This information is essential to making necessary modifications to your site’s structure in order to maximize time spent on your site and ultimately maximizing conversions.

Needless to say, when we launch the site we expect it to be perfect in every way.

Launch and Optimization Illustration
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