Understanding Google Analytics

Anyone with a website, whether they have designed it themselves or paid to have it designed, would have it in their best interest to have Google Analytics attached to it. Google Analytics is a tool that allows a website owner to trace a variety of performances within your site, such as traffic, the site's over allperformance, and the user's behavior. The best thing is that this tool is free and honestly can take your strategy for your online marketing to an absolutely whole new level.  To begin using this awesome tool, you only need a Google account created.

The Purpose of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is quite simply a fantastic website tool that has a vast array of various functions. However, its most important feature lies in that it allows you to quickly and easily find all those vital metrics about your specific website.  These metrics include the number of visitors your site received within a preset time frame and how many of those corresponding  visitors were unique and visiting for the first time. The analytics also give you a view of where your visitors are visiting from geographically.

The tool is completely automated, which helps to take one less possible project off your plate, allowing you to put your time to more practical use.  Collecting data such as this by hand can take hours upon hours. However, google analytics does it for you in a shorter amount of time.  As stated above, the tool is so versatile, with so many possible applications, that the only limit is your imagination.  

Other information that Google Analytics can provide includes:

-         Information on which social media network yourvisitors are coming from

-         Ease of navigation your site offers on mobile devices

-         Off-site links that are pointing visitors to your website

-         Search engine inquiries compared to other sites for traffic

-         Aids in determining if your marketing strategy is working to its potential

-         Where your visitors go when they click to leave your site

-         All important conversion rates

The functions listed above only scratch the surface of what this handy tool can offer you as a website owner.

The Need For Google Analytics

The most vital part of any marketing campaign to be successful is a solid understanding of the journey of value regarding the customer.  The customer's journey begins with their first interaction with your company's brand through to the last interaction.  There are several stages to this journey that the customer takes:

-         Acquisition – the building of awareness for the brand and getting it out there in front of possibly interested users

-         Behaviors—this step will involve boosting any engagement with the individuals to increase their interest in interacting with your business.

-         Conversion—the final step in the three-step process, which sees any prospective customers moving on to becoming potential paying customers.

These stages are what make up the very core of funnels in marketing, and being able to both track and measure these specific metrics can be vital to any business. With the use of Google Analytics, you will be able to obtain each bit of data collected so that you may realize which of your marketing choices are working and which are not. By knowing this information, you will also be able to make a more informed decision for your overall business.

How Google Analytics Work

To make use of Google Analytics, you must first sign up for an account.  You, or your website manager, will then set up a tracking code embedded within your site.  With this code, the tool will be able to draw anonymous data that shows how your visitors choose to interact with different areas of your site.

The collected data is then gathered and delivered to you or your website manager in a convenient report. The report will contain information and criteria that you have previously determined.  You can control the data you receive via the use of a filter.

If you decide to make sure of the Google Analytics tool, make sure you understand its uses and what it offers.  If you do your due diligence and take the time to investigate what the tool provides, you will find it to be a valuable and handy resource.

Here at Skratch Creative, we are driven to help your business build the most potent brand possible by using industry-leading technology and marketing strategies.  We combine our custom-tailored approach to brand management with award-winningcontent writing to elevate your brand beyond your competition.

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