Searching For Inspiration For Your Company Logo Design?

When building a brand, the logo design is just one of the things you should concentrate on. Since humans are innately visual creatures, we usually pay more attention to the logo than to the name of the brand, therefore, logos would make it easier for customers to identify your brand.

Given the role a logo plays in creating a brand people would know for generations to come, logo designers have their work cut out for them. Creating a logo is a challenging process! Any logo designer could use more ideas on how to create something unique, striking, and memorable while staying true to the brand and aligning with the rest of their online marketing.

Here are some Ideas to give you inspiration for your fresh new business logo design in The Woodlands.

Finding inspiration in nature

To start, leaving your office can help you come up with some ideas. You can find many iconic logos from nature (just refer to Twitter and Apple, for instance). Sketching the things that grab your attention as you wander outdoors could turn out to be the inspiration you need for your logo design.

Explore bill and coin designs in different currencies

Bill and coin designers have to consider geographic, cultural, and social aspects before creating a final design. These people also have to think about the aesthetics. So, the designs used for the different currencies could strike up some inspiration for your logo.

Visit a contemporary art museum

One way to get inside the head of an artIst is to study their work. The museum is a good place to do this. Although there are differences in fine arts and in graphic design, you have a tremendous amount to learn from professional artists. These artists are experts in using colors, symbols, and are able to communicate with an audience through their art. Some great museums to visit include the following:

  • Louvre Museum in Paris
  • Museum of Modern Art in New York
  • Design Museum in London
  • Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston
  • The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston

Schedule a day to capture photos throughout The Woodlands

Bring out your camera or smartphone and hit the streets of Houston or The Woodlands to find inspiration throughtout the city. There are buildings, sculptures, signage and even other businesses store fronts and signage that may evoke some creativity In your logo design process.

Tune in to a child's raw creativity

Stepping out of the box and finding raw talent could be what you need. There Is no easier way to do this than by looking at a child's drawings. Children wouldn’t care about vectors, pixels, and strokes the way a designer does. The way they use color without care about what others think could bring your logo to life and inspire your custom logo design.

Make a collage

Logo designers usually use a mood board to make the designing process more convenient, but a collage works too. Mood boards tend to be a bit more formal, so if you want to throw ideas around, a collage would be the better choice. While making a collage, don’t be critical about the order of the photos, just place it anywhere to help you come up with ideas. The result may have all the patterns that could work with your brand’s identity and be the inspiration you needed to create your custom business logo design.

Look at vintage art

Flipping through the pages of vintage design books may help you to find some inspiration. You can also check out Instagram, Pinterest, or Flickr for vintage art and logos. Vintage art could give your logo a unique vibe while keeping things simple.

Scan different color palettes

Sometimes, you just need a nudge in the right direction and looking at color palettes might just be that nudge. Why not check some out when you need a bit of inspiration? Colors play an important role in logo design and can increase brand recognition up To 80%.

Check out different handwriting or tattoos

Typefaces and words are crucial in creating a logo design. While you have the option to browse through different fonts, you may want to find another source of inspiration such as other people’s handwriting.

Tattoos could be another source of inspiration. Personal design choices on someones skin conveys an entirely different feel than the ones in packaging and print.

Flag designs

Have you ever looked at an almanac or a poster of flags from all over the world?  These flags went through a rigorous design process before they ended up where they are today.

Hire a Professional Logo Design Houston

If you are just not a creative person And have trouble finding inspiration for your logo design, or you just prefer the help of a professional-we can help! We have a team of professional logo designers who have years of experience under their belt and they can offer new and fresh ideas for your business logo design. Check out some of our previous logo designs, where you may just find inspiration!

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