How Can Tiny Text Impact Your Website Design

Smaller texts are taking over web design, and there’s a lot of debate over this trend. Complaints of readability issues abound, but there are also valid reasons to use it. Here are some ways tiny text can make website designs stand out.

Organization and Hierarchy

Home pages used to focus on the use of oversized text for emphasis, but there has been a recent change in this trend. The primary focus seems to be on providing as much information as possible on the first screen of the desktop monitor.

Keeping text organized while cramming a lot of details will require elements that promote order and hierarchy – this is where tiny text comes in. This web design element can help create a natural visual flow from bigger text elements to smaller ones. At first glance, the viewer will immediately know the order for digesting the text.

Capture Your Attention

Oversized text is so common that it rarely performs its function – to capture the reader’s attention. Since tiny text is unexpected, readers can’t help but pay attention to it.

Aids Navigation

A cleaner and simpler interface is the main reason behind the hamburger menu. However, if you want to have more elements on your main screen, tiny text could be the answer.

Of course, it’s tricky to use tiny text for navigation, but there’s a way to pull it off. You need the text to be readable enough. You also need to look for the typeface font that is easiest to read.

To create this effect, website designers in Houston often use a classic white text on a dark background. The contrast can do wonders for improving readability of tiny text.

Emphasize Contrasts

Tiny text works best when you have a large canvas. The contrast between elements can create a stronger impact.

When using tiny text, avoid adding large blocks of words. Tiny text can accentuate your design, but it should not be the default text on your website.

It’s also a wise idea to cut down on the length of text in small letters. More space will magnify tiny text better and achieve the impact you desire.

Always use tiny text with a purpose, don’t use it randomly.

Supplement Other Website Elements

When your website’s focus is not on words, tiny text could be the best way to supplement your meaning.

Websites where the video is the most important element, for instance, could use tiny text. In this case, the text offers more details, but it is not the dominant element on the website.

Visual Element

Text is meant for reading, but in some cases, it happens to be part of the visual element. This technique will require significant planning, and you need to conduct careful planning if you want to apply the same to your website.

To Tiny Text or Not?

Tiny text is in, but whether you use it for your web design or not is up to you. With tiny text, less is more. It can make your website pop, but you have to use it sparingly. Your website designer in Houston will help guide you in making the right design choices for your website.

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